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Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2017

We kick off our first newsletter for the year with a review of the property market in 2016 and the outlook for 2017.

Shane Oliver also looks at where we are in the global investment cycle and what it means for investors, and we provide some helpful information on why having an estate plan is more than just having a will.

Super is part of most of our lives so it's important you understand how your money is invested. We have included an overview of how investment options work in superannuation.

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John Kassis & Associates

The property market outlook for 2017

In this article, we speak to Dr Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy, to seek his insights on how the Australian property market has performed over the last year and what opportunities lay ahead for 2017.

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Where are we in the global investment cycle? What does this mean for investors?

It’s now a decade since the first problems with US sub-prime mortgages started to appear and nearly eight years since share markets hit their global financial crisis lows. From those lows in 2009 lows US shares are up 239%, global shares are up 167% and Australian shares are up 80% (held back by relatively higher interest rates, the absence of money printing, the plunge in commodity prices from their 2011 highs and the high $A). An obvious question is how close the next downturn is, which ultimately relates to where we are in the investment cycle.

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Having an estate plan is more than just having a will

Having an estate plan is for everyone. It is about being prepared, minimising risk and making sure your loved ones receive the benefit of your estate.

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Choosing an investment option for your super

As part of your retirement savings plan, it is important you understand how your superannuation money is invested by your super fund.

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